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29 Jun

Motion29 Sponsors Phoenix Touch Rugby

Having spent many a weekend stood on the side lines supporting their children playing in various sports, Steve Fisher and Andrew Wilkinson are delighted to be able to support the Phoenix Junior Girls Team.

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05 Nov

Motion29 Launch New Company Brochure

Motion29 have released a new company brochure. Designed to give our customers an overview of the products and services we provide.

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15 Jan

Fitting a Loop Detector Provides a Secure System

If you want to increase the security of your business, then installing an automatic gate system is a good option. This provides you with additional security after hours, reducing the impact of thefts and vandalism. However, it also enables you to restrict entry to your site during operating hours.

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13 Nov

Why Should You Use an LED Machine Light?

An LED machine light can be used in a number of applications, but it's particularly popular within the pharmaceutical and food-processing markets. In these areas, accuracy is extremely important and operators need to be able to see clearly at all times.

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04 Nov

How Does a Vehicle Loop Detector Work?

The use of a loop detector is one of the most efficient methods of controlling the flow of traffic at a certain point. This could be through a set of automatic gates or traffic lights or to alert an intercom system. The technology itself is fairly simple, but any small problems can cause the loop to break and become unreliable. Therefore it's important that the detector is installed correctly to ensure it works every time.

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23 Oct

The Benefits of Signal Towers When Monitoring Machinery

Within industrial and commercial environments, it's important to be able to see clearly the status of individual machines. By installing signal towers in them, operators can instantly see any problems. Why should you have them fitted within your business?

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12 Oct

How to Choose the Right Sensor Connector

Selecting the right type of sensor connector for your application can be confusing at times, especially if you don't understand exactly what you require. They can come with different attachments, poles and connectors. If you're unsure of the model you require, it's best to seek expert advice rather than choose the wrong one.

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17 Sep

The Benefits of a Loop Detector with Automatic Gates

Automatic gates and doors are a quick and easy way for vehicles to enter and exit a facility, maintaining security whilst keeping traffic flowing freely. They can be used to provide security to a property by restricting access through an intercom connection or can be set to open as a vehicle approaches.

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18 Aug

What Types of LED Machine Light Are Available?

CLN LED Work Light from Patlite

When it comes to illuminating work areas in the machine tooling, pharmaceutical or food-processing industries, it's important to choose the right type of LED machine light. There is a choice of three different models, which vary according to how robust and resistant you require them to be.

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