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Motion 29 :: Bircher Reglomat Es Safety Switching Unit
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Bircher Reglomat Es Safety Switching Unit

Thursday 29 November 2012

Evaluates safety edges and contact mats for maximum machinery safety

To complete your safety edge system a standard, wireless or inductive safety switching unit is required. They constantly monitor the status of the safety edge indicating when the edge has been activated or when there is a fault.

The Bircher Reglomat Es Safety switching device is a user-friendly unit designed to accurately monitor safety edges and safety mats, which can be configured to suit a whole host of different applications and situations.   This safety switching device model is a future-proof further development from the proven Bircher Es family which monitors connected safety edges and contact mats for actuation and interruptions.

The simple two-channel system and straightforward LCD display make the set up and operation of the device rapid and simple.   Additional measuring instruments are unnecessary as the Bircher Es Safety Switching Unit clearly displays the resistance values of the connected safety elements.  Whenever a safety edge is triggered, the signal is immediately conveyed on the LCD display to show at a glance which safety edge and which output is affected.

The intelligent software behind the compact device allows for great flexibility in its function and can be easily re-configured to suit the required application.  The Bircher Es Safety Switching Unit is the newest development in the proven Es technology range, and is specifically designed to complement and safeguard the latest technologies in automated machinery.   Approved to EN 12978 and EN ISO 13849-1 standards.


  • Summary of benefits:
  •  Wide range of applications
  • True two-channel system
  •  Simple and rapid set up
  •  Clear LCD display – readable at a glance
  •  Lightweight (200g) and compact (W22.5 × H94 × D90 mm)
  •  Bridging resistors not needed at inputs
  • No need for additional measuring instruments
  • Web exclusive quantity discounts are now available


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