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Welsh Junior Agility Team
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Congratulations from Motion29 to the Welsh Junior Agility Team!

Motion29 Sponsors Welsh Junior Agility Team

Monday 8 April 2019

Motion29 is proud to sponsor the Welsh Junior Agility Team who recently represented Wales at the Open Junior Agility Championship 2019. Four members of the Welsh team, two 12 and under, two 13 and over competed against teams from all over the UK.

In the simplest terms, Agility is a competition where a human handler guides their dog to complete a series of obstacles in the shortest amount of time. The courses are laid out in such a way that the handlers must assess the courses beforehand and decide on the best strategies to complete the course. The sport has been growing steadily in popularity for some time, starting here in the United Kingdom after a demonstration at Crufts in the 1970s, it has since sparked interest in dog lovers all over the world and grown to a global institution with major competitions held worldwide.

All of us at Motion29 would like to congratulate the junior competitors and their dogs on their stellar performance (although being Welsh might make us slightly biased) and wish them well in future competitions!

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