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Motion 29 :: New chemical resistant high power LED from Patlite
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New chemical resistant high power LED from Patlite

Thursday 30 August 2012

As Patlite UK distributors we are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Patlite water resistant and chemical resistant high power LED, the CLK LED lights...

This new LED technology boasting 2,100lx centre illumination, is water resistant and chemical/oil resistant, and is an ideal LED light for hazardous working environments. Designed to safely light hazardous areas such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in chemical and manufacturing industries, the CLK LED lights have a tough aluminium or stainless steel body for extra resilience.

The new Patlite LED safety lighting is a high power LED which utilises ‘micro-array lens’ technology – designed to even out light refraction and cut out the ‘yellow ring’ effect which can be irritating and distracting at best.  The design of this state of the art new LED product confirms to the Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems means that no immediate retina damage is done.   Conventional magnification lenses can cause a ‘blinding light’ effect but the new LED technology in the Patlite CLK LED light design prevents this.

We highly recommend the new Patlite CLK LED lights for situations where a high powered led is required for ultra bright and even illumination. With a one-touch installation system as standard, the Patlite CLK chemical-resistant LED light is also available with an optional angle adjustment bracket and surface-mounting bracket for speedy and easy set up. Patlite (or Patlight as it is often referred to) are best known for their warning light towers and high power led products. 

This new LED safety light CLK is ideal for working environments where standard equipment just doesn’t cut it. The new LED product technology allows for a super slim unit with a side body angle designed to prevent dirt accumulation and water/oil pooling. The CLK LED lens has a simple flat-surface to ensure optimum lighting and to facilitate regular wipe-downs. 
The CLK led work lights are fitted with either an aluminium or stainless steel body with tempered glass ideal or for food processing applications. The stainless steel version is available with a choice of acrylic PMMA glass. 
Connectivity choice for the CLK LED lights is provided with a directly fitted 0.5m cable, M12 connector or two M12 connectors for daisy chain or pass through wiring.

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