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Remote Controlled Traffic Light | Simple Wireless Traffic Light
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Remote Controlled Social Distancing Traffic Lights

Manager shop entry with wireless remote controlled traffic light

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Wireless/remote controlled traffic light solution with walking/standing figure LED light.

We have added to our range of traffic light solutions for social distancing in small shops, salons, gyms and other businesses.  Using our existing range of traffic light solutions, the new unit features a wireles kinetic remote control to change the status of the external traffic light.

The control unit for this solution also has indicator LEDs fitted to the front of the box to show the status of the external lights.  Using a kinetic wireless solution, means the transmitter is battery free and has an operating range of approximately 20 meters, subject to environmental conditions.

Each press of the key fob style transmitter changes the external traffic light from red to green and back to red again.  The indicator LEDs on the control box also change in the same sequence, showing the colour of the external traffic light.

As with our other traffic light solutions for social distancing, each system is supplied complete with all the required parts.  The control box houses the wireless receiver, has the status indicator lights and connectors for the traffic light and power supply.  There is a plug-top style mains adaptor with a 1.3 metre cable that connects to the control box.  Depending on your choice of traffic light, they are supplied with a 4 or 5 metre cable.  Extensions are available if required.

In addition to our new wireless remote-controlled solution, we still have our popular wired solutions with contact free and rotary control switches.


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