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Motion 29 :: Social Distancing Traffic Lights for Shops
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Social Distancing Traffic Lights for Shops

Walking/Standing Man Traffic Lights in Action!

Monday 20 July 2020

Traffic Lights for Small Premises

One of our walking/standing figure traffic light standing guard over the entrance door to the gift shop Number Fourteen Ampthill.  A very stylish installation of our social distancing traffic light system with a contact free switch.

The gift shop is advising their customers of the new traffic light system where if the light is green they can go in, if it's red then they are politely asked to wait outside.

We have other types of lights available and choice of three methods of operation - a contact free switch (as used here), a manually operated rotary switch and new to our range, a wireless remote controlled version.

The solution has proved very popular with small shops, newsagents and Post Offices to name just a few.  For further information, please click HERE.

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