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EU Halogen Bulb Ban
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The Halogen Bulb Ban

The ban comes into effect in September, should you switch to LED lights?

Thursday 23 August 2018

From the start of September, halogen bulbs will be banned from production across Europe. This means that vendors will only be able to sell old stock of halogen bulbs. Once this supply is exhausted, only LED bulbs will be available for purchase.

We understand the urge to order some stock of the old halogen bulbs before they’re no longer available, however the cheaper solution in the long term is to make the switch to LED machine and workplace lighting.

Reasons for the ban

While it is likely that this ban will inconvenience some, the reasons for the ban are environmental. LED bulbs offer improved energy efficiency and therefore lower carbon emissions. This ban is designed to reduce carbon emissions across all EU countries. Mauro Anastasio is a member of the European Environmental Bureau, an organisation which lobbied for the ban, and explained the reasoning:

“The goal is to prevent environmentally damaging products from being sold in Europe, while also cutting energy bills. This kind of action is badly needed, because lighting uses a huge amount of power in Europe – about the same as the residential electricity consumption of France, the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Italy combined.”

Do you have to replace your halogen machine lights?

No. The ban is only a ban on production of new halogen lamps. Their old stock can be sold off however once that is exhausted they can only offer LED lights.

One important note is that halogen lamps are still permitted for use in oven lamps etc. where their intended use is generating heat, not illumination.

Why should you replace your lights?

The simple answer is that LED machine lights are more economic and more environmentally friendly. While LED lights may require a high initial expenditure, the savings you make in the long term far outweigh this initial expenditure. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a typical halogen bulb uses £11 of energy per year, whereas a similar LED light only uses £2 per year. The other advantage of LED machine lights is that they last far longer. A typical halogen bulb should last around two years whereas an LED machine light can last anywhere from ten years all the way up to thirty! This means that even by the most conservative estimates, one LED machine light can last five times longer than a halogen machine light and will also save on maintenance/downtime costs of replacing the lamp. LED machine lights are also more resistant to machine vibrations and so less likely to fail.

For example, the LED2Work MECHALED light offers a higher light output than a 50 watt halogen lamp and an 80% saving of electricity. As well as a life span of 60,000 operating hours 

Here at Motion29 we understand that while you may wish to make the switch, it can be a daunting task which is why we are more than happy to advise you on the best solution for your requirement. Feel free to call our sales team on 01495 360022 or use the web chat at the bottom of this page.

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