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Motion 29 :: The ISIS Wireless Transmission System
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The ISIS Wireless Transmission System

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Transmitting data wirelessly within industrial applications...

We’re delighted to announce our newest product - the ISIS wireless data transmission system.  Suitable for a number of industrial applications, including industrial equipment, infrastructure, farming and industrial lifting, the ISIS wireless data transmission system is designed to transmit 8 logic states from one point of an installation to another, lowering installation costs and increasing the reliability of mobile equipment.

With a minimum response time of less than 60 milliseconds and a maximum range of 350 metres, the new ISIS wireless data transmission system has 8 logic inputs to transmit logic states from one point of an installation to another making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.  The transmitter sends the logic states of its inputs to the receivers which decode the states and resend them on their relay outputs (unidirectional transmission). Transceivers include a transmitter module and a receiver module. These devices send and receive the logical states in both directions (bidirectional transmission). 

Examples of use within industrial applications include the transmission of statuses from control panels to industrial machines, status transfer of isolated detectors to the control room, remote control from the control station to machinery and the status transfer of wire-guided trolleys or other mobile industrial equipment.

Examples of applications for the farming industry include alarms, farming machinery, feeder control, remote control pump and transferring the status of the fill level of silos and tanks. 

Within infrastructure the ISIS Data Transmission System can be used for parking sensor status indication, gate opening/closing and the remote control of lighting and wirelessly controlling ventilation, amongst other common applications. 

Within industrial lifting environments the ISIS Wireless Transmission System can be used for anticollision on travelling cranes, the control of mobile equipment to open doors and as a remote control from fixed control panels and control rooms.

Benefits of the ISIS Data Transmission System

  •         Eliminates the need for electric cables between machinery or pieces of industrial equipment
  •            Lower installation costs (wiring, civil engineering, etc)
  •            Increases the reliability of mobile equipment
  •            Increases the flexibility of industrial installations and industrial applications
  •            Lower operating costs relating to maintenance

The ISIS Wireless Transmission System features a high safety spec to ensure the reliable transmission of industrial data.  For example, a radio link with non-direction and non-metallic obstacle insensitivity ensures optimum installation, and the device has a response time compatible with the majority of controlled industrial equipment.  The ISIS Transmission System also features a radio quality output on the receiver and transceiver for real time evaluation of radio link quality, and a specific identity code to each transmitter and receiver is user programmable. 

We currently hold stock of the ISIS Wireless Transmission System and exclusive web discounts are available.  To view this product visit


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