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Bircher StandardLine Safety Edges

Robust Safety Edges with Standard Mounting Foot
StandardLine Safety Edges are suitable for automat
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The StandardLine safety edges from Bircher are offered in a limited number of sizes as they have been updated by the ClickLine versions.  We offer two sizes 20 mm and 40 mm high from the C-Channel.  They are installed by clipping them in from the side of the profile.

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No matter what you call them safety edges, safety ribs, bump strips these important safety products all do the same job of protecting dangerous crush and shear points on platforms, tables, gates and doors.

Bircher safety edges comprise three elements:

  1. The aluminium mounting rail, which is C-Shaped for StandardLine safety edges is fitted to the device you want to protect.  Important, please make sure that the fixing heads of the screws used do not press on the rear of the safety edge as this will give you false triggers.
  2. The rubber profile, this is the external part of the safety edge that holds the switching strip in position and depending on the size of the profile will determine the all-important over travel distance.  Typically, the bigger the profile the larger the over travel figure and the greater the protection.  Important, please check the figures below to choose the correct profile for your application.
  3. The switching strip or contact strip, this is the heart of the edge which when compressed provides the signal to the switching or safety units to show when the edge has been activated.

Safety edges are manufactured in two formats a “pass through” or “link” version with two cables and the “end-of-line” version with 8k2 terminating resistors.  Up to four edges (as recommended by Bircher) can be are wired together in series with each other with the 8k2 version being the last link in the chain.  The switching unit monitors the resistance of the series of safety edges, if any of the edges in the chain are compressed this will cause the safety relays on the switching unit to open, also if any of the cables in the circuit are damaged the unit will show this as a fault and the safety relays will be opened.

All our safety edges are manufactured to order at Motion29, typically in 1 to 2 days from receipt of your order.  While we have fixed sizes available via our website, we manufacture all edges to order and it is no problem to make them to the size that you require, so please give us a call on 01495 360022 if you cannot find the size you need.

Over Travel Figures:

ELE025/020A0K – 250N = 2 mm, 400N = 4 mm

ELE036/040A0D – 250N = 8 mm, 400N = 16 mm

Installation: StandardLine safety edges should be clicked into the C-Channel using a rocking motion.  Pulling or sliding the profile into the channel may result in damage to the mounting foot and invalidate the warranty.  Ensure the edge is flush with the mounting channel and the heads of the fixing screws are not pushing on the rear of the profile as both can provide false readings from the safety edges.  If you are not sure, please contact us for advice on 01495 360022.


It is important that the correct profile is used as the type, size and speed of your automatic system (platform, door, gate, etc.) all influence the stopping distance and the force testing results set out in the standards.

ELE025/020A0K – 250N = 2 mm, 400N = 4 mm

ELE036/040A0D – 250N = 8 mm, 400N = 16 mm

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