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Safety Evaluation Units | Bircher Switching Units
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Wired Switching Units

Directly Wired Safety Edge Monitoring Relays
Switching units for safety edges and safety mats.

The MsMatrix 3, ESGate 2 & 3 or the ESD3 series of switching units are suitable for monitoring directly wired safety mats and safety edges in gate, door and machine applications.  They provide a simple to use solution for monitoring the 8k2 resistor used in safety edges & mats.

Recently added to the range, the EsMatrix 3 has a fast response time of less than 5 milli-seconds, programmable reset function - automatic or manual and electronic safety relays that are resistant to machine vibration.

The ESGate series has been designed with gate and door applications in mind, but can also be used on machine applications where automatic reset is required. They feature electronic relays, diagnostics and are programmable to suit the applications.

The ESD3 series are more focussed machine applications and are distinguished firstly by their reset function (automatic or manual reset) and secondly by the configuration of the status relay contact. They also have positively driven mechanical safety relays capable of switching 2 A.

EsMatix 3 Switching Unit

Bircher EsMatrix3 Switching Unit

Extending on the Es range, the EsMatix 3 is Bircher's new safety switching unit for monitoring the 8k2 resistor used in safety edges and pressure sensitive safety mats.  With a response time of less than 5 milli-seconds, the EsMatix 3 is ideal for industrial automation applications where a fast response and higher switching current is required on the electronic safety relays.

PL e, cat.3 Switching Unit
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ESGate Switching Units

ESGate Electronic Switching Units for Safety Edges

The ESGate safety switching units are designed for evaluating safety edges and safety mats. The ESGate 2 is a category 2 device with external test input, whereas the ESGate 3 is a category 3 self-monitored device.

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ESD3 Switching Units

ESD3 Switching Units for Safety Edges

These are ideal for monitoring safety edges and mats in machine safety applications as they offer the choice of manual or automatic reset.

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