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ESD3 Switching Units

Cat 3 Safety Edge Monitoring Relay
ESD3 Switching Units for Safety Edges
ESD3 Switching Unit Wiring
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These are ideal for monitoring safety edges and mats in machine safety applications as they offer the choice of manual or automatic reset.

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In addition to the reset options, the ESD3 series have an additional status relay (not for safety shutdown) that can be used for information on the system operation. The safety relays are positively driven and can carry a load of 2 A.

Performance level e, cat. 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1

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Bircher EsMatrix3 Switching Unit featured

EsMatix 3 Switching Unit

Extending on the Es range, the EsMatix 3 is Bircher's new safety switching unit for monitoring the 8k2 resistor used in safety edges and pressure sensitive safety mats.  With a response time of less than 5 milli-seconds, the EsMatix 3 is ideal for industrial automation applications where a fast response and higher switching current is required on the electronic safety relays.

ClickLine Safety Edges are suitable for automatic featured

ClickLine Safety Edges

Our Bircher ClickLine Safety Edges are available in a number of different sizes from 25 mm to 65 mm high from the C-Channel.  The “Click” foot of the safety edge makes installation of the profiles a simple task of clipping them in from the side of the profile.

Please note that the safety edges are all made to order and may require up to a week to manufacture although lead time is usually two to three days.

StandardLine Safety Edges are suitable for automat featured

StandardLine Safety Edges

The StandardLine safety edges from Bircher are offered in a limited number of sizes as they have been updated by the ClickLine versions.  We offer two sizes 20 mm and 40 mm high from the C-Channel.  They are installed by clipping them in from the side of the profile.

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