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Wireless Safety Edge Monitoring Relay | Swing or Sliding Gate Switching Unit Cat 2
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Category 2 Wireless Switching

Wireless Switching Units for Automatic Gates and Doors
RFGate Wireless Switching Units for Automatic Gate
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Wireless signal transmission system for safety edges on rolling, sectional and folding doors, sliding gates and telescopic gates.

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They provide a safety edge solution that is connected in an instant, the RFGate 2.1 and RFGate 2.2 securely and contact-free transmits the status of pressure-sensitive safety edges mounted on the mobile part of the gate. Information is wirelessly transmitted to the switching device. Program, fit, switch on and off you go! They are available as one or two-channel units depending on your application and requirements.

Featured Products
ClickLine Safety Edges are suitable for automatic featured

ClickLine Safety Edges

Our Bircher ClickLine Safety Edges are available in a number of different sizes from 25 mm to 65 mm high from the C-Channel.  The “Click” foot of the safety edge makes installation of the profiles a simple task of clipping them in from the side of the profile.

Please note that the safety edges are all made to order and may require up to a week to manufacture although lead time is usually two to three days.

ColverLine Safety Edges are idea for sliding gate featured

CoverLine Safety Edges

Bircher CoverLine safety edges have been developed especially for sliding gate applications, however they are an excellent choice for use on lifting platforms such as stages or on automatic trollies.  There are four sizes within the range from 45 to 105 mm tall, which are clipped into the size of the special flat aluminium mounting rail.

Intra6 Inductive Switching Unit for Sliding Gate S featured

Inductive Switching Units

The InTra6 is an inductive signal transmission system for monitoring the status of safety edges on automatic sliding gates.

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