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Safety Edges | Automatic Sliding Gates
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Automatic Sliding Gates

Safety Edges for Automatic Sliding Gates
Safety Edges for Automatic Sliding Gates

As all automatic gates are actually classed as machines under the EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC, it is important that all manufacturers, suppliers, installers and users of automatic gates ensure that they comply with the directive. As part of this requirement suitable safety edges must be fitted.

The CoverLine range of safety edges are idea for vertical installations such as sliding gates. The side fixing of the profile give a secure and reliable platform for the safety edge with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The safety edges status for sliding gates are monitored using the InTra6 inductive switching unit, these connects the fixed and mobile safety edges to the control unit which monitors of safety edge actuation or system malfunctions. Alternatively, RFGate wireless switching units can be used where there are only mobile edges required for the gate and an EN ISO 13849-1 cat. 2 solution is suitable.

Please note, the safety edges suggested in this section are based on typical products used for sliding gates and it is imperative that you carry out a full risk assessment to determine the requirements for your installation.  To help you with selecting your safety edge, have a look at "Selecting a Safety Edge" for additional information.

Featured Products
ColverLine Safety Edges are idea for sliding gate featured

CoverLine Safety Edges

Bircher CoverLine safety edges have been developed especially for sliding gate applications, however they are an excellent choice for use on lifting platforms such as stages or on automatic trollies.  There are four sizes within the range from 45 to 105 mm tall, which are clipped into the size of the special flat aluminium mounting rail.

Bircher Self Assembly ExpertLine Safety Edges featured

ExpertLine Safety Edges

ExpertLine is a modular pressure-sensitive edge system for automatic gates and doors, automatic lifts, stages platforms and any other application where there is a risk of shear or trap injuries.  The new from Bircher, ExprtLine safety edges are highly senstive, economical and responsive to use.

  • High sensitivity and quick response time
  • Fast assembly and easy installation
  • Attractive appearance for seamless integration into gate/door design

The ExpertLine range are suitable for sliding, swing and bi-fold gates, folding or roller doors, lifting platforms and AGV bump strips.  The range is certified compliant with EN 12978 and EN ISO 13856-2, sealed to IP67 and offers over travel figures of greater than 72 mm (EL45x99A1x Profile).

RFGate Wireless Switching Units for Automatic Gate featured

Wireless Switching Units

Wireless signal transmission system for safety edges on rolling, sectional and folding doors, sliding gates and telescopic gates.


ProLoop Series Two

Bircher's new faster and more sensitive ProLoop2 loop detector for industrial gates, doors, car park barrierers, toll booths, etc.


Loop Replacement System (LRS)

The Loop Replacement System (LRS) features advanced 3-axis, magnetoresistive sensing technology. The sensor measures Earth’s magnetic field and responds to disturbances caused by ferrous objects. Three sensing elements provide magnetic field measurement in the X, Y and Z axes, improving detection sensitivity. The LRS’s exciting new technology provides a high-sensitivity, compact, and cost-effective solution for reliable vehicle detection.

ProAccess Vehicle detection sensor for barriers and gates featured

ProAccess Vehicle Detector

ProAccess is a high-performance sensor for vehicle detection combining microwave and ultrasonic technology. ProAccess can quickly activate barriers, parking ticket machines, gates or bollards when a vehicle is approaching. As a combined sensor it can also prevent vehicles from being damaged by the moving part of the gate or barrier.

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