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How to Convert a Standard Safety Edge into a Wireless Version
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Wireless Safety Edges from Bircher

Bircher Wireless Safety Edge Solutions from Motion29
Bircher Wireless Safety Edges from Motion29
Cat 3 or Cat 2 Wireless Safety Edge Solutions
RF Gage 3 Swicting Unit Options

So, what is a wireless safety edge and how does it differ from a standard safety edge?  Well the short answer is not a greate deal, its a standard safety edge that is connected to a wireless transmitter that is mornitored by the receiver, which in turn is connected to the control system.  They are ideal for any system where the safety edges are on a moving surface - such as a sectional door, swing or sliding gate as well as platform lifts and lifting tables.


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Bircher Self Assembly ExpertLine Safety Edges

We offer a wide choice of safety edges from Bircher manufactured at our factory in south Wales.  The safety strips are suitable for a range of applications in industrial automation, access control and security, lifting and transport systems.

The safety edges are manufactured using profiles, contact strips, cables and terminating resistors from Bircher’s ExperLine, ClickLine, CoverLine, StandardLine and S-Line range of products.  All edges are made to order and therefore to the size required for your installation.

UK Manufactured Safety Edges
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Category 3 Wireless Switching Unit

The world’s first wireless safety edge transmission system with PLd and category 3 compliance. The RFGate 3 is a category 3, dual channel safety edge controller, this means that it doesn't need a test output and therefore can be installed much more quickly and easily than other control units. The RFGate 3 units are ideal for monitoring safety edges across a variety of applications such as roller shutter doors and automatic gates.

PLd, Cat. 3 Switching Unit
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Wireless Switching Units

RFGate Wireless Switching Units for Automatic Gate

Wireless signal transmission system for safety edges on rolling, sectional and folding doors, sliding gates and telescopic gates.

PLc, Cat. 2 Switching Unit
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