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Alternate M12 Connectors
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M12 B, C, D & X-Code connectors

M12 Connectors for AC Power, Data and Profibus applications
M12 Connector Variety Image

M12 connectors are incredibly versatile and are used in a wide variety of industries with various applications. To avoid mixing connectors up, and wiring a power supply into a data port for example, M12 connectors have various keyways to prevent two different codings from mating. In addition to our standard stock range of A-Coded connectors, we also offer a range of alternatively coded connectors for other projects.

We can offer alternate connectors in standard versions such as male/female and angled/straight. A quick reference for the different connector codes is below to help you select your requirements:

A-Code: Sensors, DC Power supply

B-Code: Profibus

C-Code: AC Power

D & X-Code: Ethernet

S-Code: AC Power, phasing in to replace C-Code

T-Code: DC power, phasing in to replace A-Code power supply connectors


If you require these alternate coded connectors, please contact us on 01495 360022 or via the webchat to discuss your project and we will be happy to assist.

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