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Pedestrian or Vehicle Detector | Drive Through Sensing
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Drive Thru Sensor USVD-4X

Ultrasonic Detectors for Drive Through Applications
Drive Through Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector
Product Info

The USVD-4X Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor uses patent pending Triangular Planar Array (TPA) technology to detect the presence of a vehicle and/or pedestrian. It is an alternative to using a photoelectric sensor, where you need to detect the presence in one plane rather than breaking a beam.

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The USVD handles any drive thru operation such as fast food, banking, pharmacies, car washes and parking. For these types of applications, the USVD Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor is an alternative to photoelectric sensors or traditional vehicle loop detectors, which require the installation of a loop in pavement. The USVD is simply mounted on a post or order box, and aimed at the location where a vehicle would pass to initiate a transaction. No set-up or adjustments required.  Please Note: The USVD will detect vehicles or pedestrians.

The USVD requires 12-24 Vac/dc, and provides a form "C" set or relay contacts indicating vehicle presence. Utilising TPA technology, the detection head consists of 4 ultrasonic transducers that connect to the internal microprocessor-based control board. The detection head "scans" the expected location for a vehicle and activates its output upon detection of a vehicle.

Benefits include:

  • Installs easily above ground
  • Reduces cost
  • Streamlines operations
  • Robust design


  • Triangular Planar Array Technology
  • Aux. relay, settings for pulse on ENTRY, EXIT or BOTH
  • Output delay option for 1, 2 and 4 seconds
  • Operating range: 1 to 5 feet, 30 to 150 cm.
  • Response time: 2.0 seconds
  • Supply Voltage: 12 - 24 Vac/dc
  • Relay output configuration: 2 SPDT (form C)
  • CE compliant

Please note: The USVD will detect both vehicles and pedestrians.  If you need to differentiate between vehicles and people, we suggest you consider the Herkules 2 microwave motion detector.

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