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Bircher Vehicle or Pedestrian Microwave Motion Detector

Suitable for Activating Traffic Lights, Automatic Gates and Doors
Product Info

The Bircher Herkules 2 and 2E microwave motion detectors are suitable for industrial doors with rapid reaction times, they are ideal for high-speed doors, traffic light control and automated access to car parks.  The unit is suitable for mounting heights from 2.5m to 7m and operating temperatures from –30°C to +60°C.


The 2E also features additional options such as pedestrian access and "Exit Pulse" function for more rapid closing.

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The Herkules is supplied with default settings for a variety of industrial door applications, broad selection of evaluation options for people and vehicles with optional direction recognition and crossing traffic masking.

The Herkules microwave motion detectors have been specifically developed for use with industrial doors. They detect, differentiate between or mask out people or vehicles and can switch the output relays separately, depending on the requirement.  This feature is also suitable for controlling our LED traffic lights. 

The optional RegloBeam 2 bidirectional remote control allows the Herkules 2 and 2E to be configured quickly and completely from ground level, and every single parameter can be adapted to the particular situation.  The RegloBeam 2 is also used with many of Bircher’s other detectors.

Technical Data

  • Mounting height – 2.5 m to 7.0 m
  • Connection – 7 or 10 metre (8 x 0.14 mm²) cable
  • Technology – Doppler radar with planar module
  • Operating Voltage – 12-28 Vac, 12-36 Vdc
  • Operating Current – Maximum 75 mA
  • Outputs – 2 Relays, 48 Vac/dc, 0.5 A ac
  • Protection Class – IP65
  • Operating Temperature -30°C to +60°C


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