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Welcome to the Motion29 Product Range

Industrial Connectivity, LED Lighting, Signal Solutions & Safety Products

Motion29 are able to help you with a wide range of your connector, lighting, safety and control solutions.  We can also provide custom solutions that we build and tailor to your requirements from our wide range of products.  Our aim is to provide a flexible approch to your requirement and provide you with a cost effective product.  Please call us on 01495 360022 for technical sales support.

Safety Edges & Switching Units

Safety Edges for Doors, Gates and Lifting Platforms

Bircher's Safety edges are designed to protect shear or crush points that are found on many automatic systems such as sliding & swing gates, roller shutter doors, lifting platforms & tables and machine doors. In addition to the new ExpertLine of safety edges, which can be supplied factory assembled, in kit form or self-assembly component format, we can manufactured to order any of our safety edge products at Motion29 so you have the correct size for your installation.

The safety edges are supplied in two formats, end-of-line with integrated 8k2 resistors and pass-through with two cables.  These are then connected to a switching unit that monitors the status of the safety edge, failing safe if there is a fault or the edge is operated.  These switching units are availoable in wired or wireless solutions to safety category 2 or 3.

Shear and Crush Protection
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M12 and M8 Connectors

We offer a wide range of connectors from our own range of M12 receptacles as well as Binder, Shield and Westec.  Several of the connectors are defined by industry standards and are recognised for their use in various applications.

M8/M12 & Solenoid Connectors
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Vehicle Detection & Control

LED Traffic Lights & Sensors Solutions

If you need to detect vehicles and control their movement around your factory or car park, we have a range of solutions that can help you with this requirement.  Within our range we have conventional inductive loop detectors, microwave motion sensors and simple photoelectric sensors, which can be coupled to an LED traffic light to control vehicle movement or trigger gates, doors or barriers.

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LED Industrial Lighting

Motion29 distribute Industrial LED Lighting from P

Low cost, long life and efficient lighting that has been designed specifically for industrial applications.

LED Industrial Lighting
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Signal Lights & Sounders

Motion29 Supply a Wide Range of LED Signal Light a

Our range of LED signal products indication of status of production lines, signal instructions and provide audible alarms for additional emphasis.

LED Signal Lights & Sounders
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Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats

Safety Mat

Safety mats are used in switching or safety applications and are characterised by their high sensitivity and their sturdy construction.

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Radio Remote Controls

Motion29 Distributes Radio Remote Control Solution

Jay Electronique are a market leading manufacturer of radio systems that provide a range of wireless control, safety systems and operating systems.

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Control & Sensing

We offer vehicle and pedestrian detection solutions for use with access control to car parks, buildings and doors.

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Pressure Wave Sensors

Pressure Wave Profiles and Switches from Bircher

Profiles, buttons and ground contact sensors for automatic gates, barriers and public transport.  They are maintenance free, robust, tried and tested.  They provide a very fast closing switch from a straightforward and robust design.

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Social Distancing Traffic Lights

Traffic Light Solutions for Stairs

As business and public services prepare to come out of lockdown, we are all aware that in 2020 we will have to approach many every day activies with a difference.  Social distancing is with us and certainly for the immediate future it is here to stay, so we need to look at solutions that will make life a little easier and practical for all of us.  Manufactured from our regular range of red - green, stop - go traffic light solutions, we have put together a number of ready to use solutions for controlling access to shops, through corridors and stairs.

Stop - Go Traffic Lights
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