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Economic LED Lighting for Workstations

High Quality Lighting for Inspection and Assembly Areas
Motion29 offers LED system lamps from LED2WORK

Workstation lighting is incredibly important for factory environments to assist workers especially when working on more fiddly projects. Fortunately most workstation lighting does not require much in the way of IP rating unlike lighting for use in industrial machinery.

The CWF series from PATLITE is an economic solution for areas that do not require a high IP rating, ideal for workstations, control cabinets and even some machinery. Offering the same robust, efficient design of other PATLITE LED lighting as well as the versatility of other PATLITE luminaires. The CWF also offers a complete luminaire, no additional cables need to be bought and the lights are supplied with brackets as standard.

The SYSTEMLED for workstations, machines and installations is compatible with common system workstation luminaries. We also provide a 100 lumen watt achieving a high light yield. SYSTEMLED is compatible with common workstation luminaries such as those from Bosch-Rexroth AG. The 100 times per watt offers efficient, glare and flicker free illumination.

CWF IP20 LED Light bars

The CWF series is an ideal choice for workstations, or for illuminating inside machines or control cabinets. The CWF range offers an economic choice for areas with low ingress protection requirements. With a simple to operate on/off rocker switch as well as a variety of mounting options, the CWF is a versatile, user-friendly lightbar.

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SYSTEMLED Workstation Lights

For system workstation machines and installations offering efficient, homogeneous as well as glare and flicker free illuminations

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