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Pressure Wave Sensors

Provide Protection of Closing Edges with Air Wave Sensor and Switch
Pressure Wave Profiles and Switches from Bircher

Profiles, buttons and ground contact sensors for automatic gates, barriers and public transport.  They are maintenance free, robust, tried and tested.  They provide a very fast closing switch from a straightforward and robust design.

Suitable for automatic gates, barriers and public transport Pressure Wave Switches can be used wherever a reliable switching pulse is required. The highly sensitive response of the pressure wave system means that it protects people and vehicles from almost all directions. The robustness and durability of the pressure wave switch make it an impressive opening sensor as well. Quick and reliable Even the low pressure of 3 to 4 mbar is enough to guarantee the electric contact will switch reliably. Pressure wave switch systems are well proven and maintenance free, as well as offering a particularly good cost-performance ratio.

A pressure wave generated by the sensor reaches the pressure wave switch. The membrane deflects and the electric contact switches. The electric contact remains switched for as long as the input pressure is above the response pressure.

Pressure Wave Switches

Pressure wave switches are based on tried and tested technology, which makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. Thanks to its straightforward design, they are extremely reliable and insensitive to external influences.

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Pressure Wave Edges

Pressure Wave Profile from Bircher Reglomat

Pressure wave edges are available in various profiles, ground contact sensors, pressure sensitive cells as well as pneumatic foot and hand operated buttons. With a highly reliable pressure wave switch they provide a simple & effective sensing system.

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