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ISIS Series

Jay Electronique ISIS series picture

The ISIS data transmission system is designed to transmit 8 logic states from one point of an installation to another. Typical applications include industrial equipment, industrial lifting, farm equipment and infrastructure.

Data present at the input of the transmitter are transferred to the outputs of the receiver. Several configurations are possible, you can have a transmitter which has 8 logic inputs, a receiver which has 8 relay outputs, a relay which has 4 outputs and transceiver which has 8 logic inputs/ 8 relay outputs.

The transmitter sends the logic states of its inputs to the receivers which decode the states and resend them on their relay outputs (unidirectional transmission). Transceivers include a transmitter module and a receiver module. These devices send and receive the logical states in both directions (bidirectional transmission).

Technical characteristics

  • Radio Quality Relay
  • Passive Shutdown when Radio Jamming
  • Max Range: 350m (10mW), Typical Range: 100m (10mW)
  • Min response time : < 60 ms
  • Environmental IP65
  • Fixed or plug-in antenna
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