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Fixed Stack Lights from 25mm to 100mm Diameter

Factory Configured & Pre-Wired with Optional Alarms & Mountings

Our wide range of factory configured LED signal towers range from super slim 25mm diameter ME/MES to the highly visible 100mm diameter LGE.

Combining innovative LED technology and advanced optical design, Patlite’s signal towers deliver the highest level of illumination and reliability with environmental protection up to IP-65. Featuring a broad selection of models, sizes, designs and optional accessories, they give you the best solution for your specific requirements.

Patlite’s high-intensity LEDs and innovative lens design ensure outstanding illumination and exceptional brightness from any direction and distance.  The high-intensity LEDs are 8 times more efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs and promise an extended service life of 100,000 hours. That is more than 11 years of continuous operation!

Pre-Assembled LR stack lights

The LR series of stack lights is a modular system making it an incredibly versatile range suitable for a wide variety of applications and projects. In addition to the individual modules, we can also offer pre-built stack towers with several options for mounting, further increasing their versatility.

Pre-assembled Signal Lights
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25 mm ME/MES Slim Lights

Super slim 25mm diameter signal tower with rust-free aluminium body, ideal for small devices.

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30 mm MP/MPS Stylist Signals

Super slim 30mm diameter silver body signal tower ideal for small machines & devices.

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70 mm LS7 Smooth Body

Patlite LS7 diagram

Patlite offers a "Smart and Smooth" Signal Tower to its lineup, the "LS7". The smooth surface of the light tower reduces the adhesion of water and dust, while all fixing screws and metals are covered making the LS7 suitable for more challenging environments.

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100 mm LGE Bright Light

Large 100mm diameter Signal Tower featuring enhanced visibility and downward illumination, designed for large machines.

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100 mm LKEH MP3 Alarms

Get the attention you need with PATLITE’s Field Programmable LKEH series signal tower with audible alarm hybrid unit.

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