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PC Controlled Stack Lights | ANDON Light with USB Interface | ANDON Light with RS232 Interface
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USB & RS232 Computer Controlled Stack Lights

Flexible and Simple to Control LED Signal Light Towers
Computer Controlled Stack Lights

Signal Towers controlled directly from PC using RS-232C or USB 2.0, with integrated alarm sounders and multi-pattern flashing of the LED layers.

The PHE light tower is controlled by simply sending ASCII command strings to the light using RS-232C interface, where the LU7_USB is controlled using either Patlite's free downloadable software or via DLL operation.

PHE PC Controlled Signal Tower

The PHE tower lights offer an easy-to-install solution for a PC controlled light tower. The base unit comes pre-wired with both USB and RS232C inputs. This unit is ideal for monitoring of office equipment such as PCs and printers and also offers a simple solution for monitoring of industrial machinery.

PC Controlled Signal Tower
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60mm - USB Stack Light

LR6 USB 2.0 Controlled Light

Controlled and powered from USB 2.0 (500mA at 5VDC), the LR6 USB base modules are fully compatible with the standard LR6 LED modules.  The light has 4 sound and light patterns with an operating volume of 80dB at 1 meter.

USB 2.0 Signal Tower
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LA6 Multi-Colour Towers

As factory processes have become more varied and complex, the processes and ways of monitoring equipment have to keep up. PATLITE have designed the LA6 as a programmable stack light to allow for more flexibility in what statuses are displayed by the stack lights. Each module can display up to 21 different colours allowing for a huge variety of statuses to be easily displayed.

Programmable Signal Towers
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