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Compact Wall-Mount Stack Lights | Stylish Wall-Mount ANDON Lights
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Space Saving Wall-Mount LED Signal Light Towers

Ideal for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Our space saving and compact wall mounted light towers are an ideal solution for both industrial and commercial applications, providing a stylish solution to signalling requirements.

Slim Wall-Mount Stack

Ultra slim half-moon shaped Signal Tower offers seamless integration with most equipment and environments.

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Wall-Mount Stack Light

The WME-D series from PATLITE offers a sleek, durable signal light for applications where wall-mounted lights are preferable. The wall-mount design saves space and enhances its integral appearance. The WME-D series is available in a variety of colour configurations and has been upgraded with a lourder alarm, ultra bright LEDs and a more durable polycarbonate-resin casing.

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