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AirGrid Wireless Signal Tower Monitoring

Monitor ANDON Signal Tower Lights Wirelessly

Machine or operation status is transmitted wirelessly to a central monitoring point, this can be part of your ANDON system or machine untilisation planning.

The AirGrid solution is an easy to install system that can be used to upgrade your existing light tower (LE/LES 50mm units and LME/LMS 60mm units), just fit the transmitter to the top of the light, configure the network with your chosen receiver and you can record data directly into your own ERP system.  Alternatively, use Motion29’s LightMonitor software to visually report the status of your network and provide you with a weekly csv file that can be used for management and maintenance diagnostics.

AirGrid Monitoring System

PATLITE AirGrid wireless modules fitted to 50 and 60mm light towers send the status through a ZigBee based wireless network via an AirGrid receiver for data monitoring.

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