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Automatic Pedestrian Traffic Control Solutions

Social Distancing Systems for Corridors, Stairs & Other Restricted Areas
Traffic Light Solutions for Stairs
Social Distancing Traffic Light System
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If you are looking for a simple but effective method of moving customers or colleagues around a restricted area, we have a solution that can help solve your problem.  Our system is based on our existing traffic control solutions that are used, for example, to control vehicles in private car parks.

The system operates as a demand controlled system.

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Example installation at ITS Ladies Fitness, Bristol.

It has contact free (no-touch) call buttons at each light to change the traffic light from red to green on request.  This demand-controlled solution has two contact free call buttons and cables.  The lights will remain on green for the last called direction and will only change when there is a call from the opposite direction.

We can also offer a free running solution or a single direction priority system.  Please call for more details on 01495 360022.

Traffic light options.

All of the traffic lights supplied for this application, are supplied with a 4 or 5 metres cable and connector to plug into the control unit.  The traffic lights can be mixed and matched on the system, so you can select different lights appropriate to the environmental conditions.

Please note, some of the traffic light solutions are very bright and cannot be mounted too close to where people are waiting for the lights to change.  We suggest you either choose one of the smaller lower output lights or mount the lights at a longer distance and not in the direct line of sight to anyone using the system.

  • Small Flat 50mm Diameter Lights
    A flat wall mount light with two 50 mm LED arrays, ideal for smaller premises where the light is positioned closer to the pedestrian.Small Flat
  • Walking/Stopped Figure Lights
    A flat wall mount light with red standing and green walking stick figures, a brighter light to the 50 mm unit, with a clear signal that the system is for pedestrians.
  • Large Flat 100mm Diameter Lights
    A bright red/green combination, that should be located to avoid direct glare to the observer such as above head height.  This is a flat pack wall mount design.
  • Circular 100mm Diameter Lights
    A more traditional style of traffic light unit which features a rotatable wall mount light.  This is a bright and clear light that has a lens cover that provides a more defused light pattern.

Extension Cables.

If you need a longer cable length between the light or power supply and the control box, simple select one of the extension cables assemblies from the accessories tab.  These use the same connector as used on the power supply and light units and are available in 5, 10 or 20 metre lengths.


Our solution has been designed as a plug-and-play system, it just need fixing to the appropriate surface, connecting the cables, setting the light timers and switching on!  So a competent individual can install the system without any additional costs.  All elements including the power supply, contact free call buttons and traffic lights are supplied with M12 connectors and connecting cables where required.  Extension cable are available to help with positioning of the power supply, call buttons or lights.  We recommend that you do not use more than one extension of 20 meters on any leg of the system.

Maintenance Mode.

The system is supplied with a switch to the one side of the control box.  This is the maintenance switch which allows you to put the lights in both directions on red.  Ideal for closing an area while essential maintenance, such as cleaning is completed.

Need Some help or cannot quite find what you require, please give us a call on 01495 360022.


First select the light option required from.

Add any extension cables required. 


Do not use more than 25 metres of cable between the power supply and traffic lights.

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