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No-Touch Sensor Traffic Lights | Social Distancing Traffic Lights
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Contact Free Sensor Controlled Traffic Lights

Small Business Social Dsiatancing Traffic Lights
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Our contact free or no-touch controlled traffic lights use an infra-red sensor to detect when the traffic light colour is to be changed from the defaul red to green.  Around the centre of the sensor there is a red/green indicator to show the currently selected traffic light colour, so even if the traffic light unit is out of sight you

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know the current selection.

The sensor also has a timing function.  If you want to turn the light to green for a user selectable period of time (up to approximately 25 seconds), you can change this by altering the setting within the control box.

Connecting the system is very simple - attached the plug top power supply to the male connector and the traffic light to the female connector amd you are ready to go!


LED Signal Lights.

All of our traffic lights feature a red/green stop/go light combination and are supplied with M12 connectors to enable you to connect them directly to the control box.

  • Small Flat 50mm Diameter Lights: A flat wall mount light with two 50 mm LED arrays, ideal for smaller premises where the light is positioned closer to the pedestrian.
  • Small Flat Walking/Stopped Figure Lights: A flat wall mount light with red standing and green walking stick figures, a brighter light to the 50 mm unit, with a clear signal that the system is for pedestrians.
  • Large Flat 100mm Diameter Lights: A bright red/green combination, that should be located to avoid direct glare to the observer such as above head height.  This is a flat pack wall mount design.
  • Circular 100mm Diameter Lights: A more traditional style of traffic light unit which features a rotatable wall mount light.  This is a bright and clear light that has a lens cover that provides a more defused light pattern.

IMPORTANT: All of our traffic lights are very bright to enable them to be seen in direct sunlight.  It is important that they are not fitted in direct line of sight to avoid any discomfort when viewing them.  For applications where this is not possible, please select the Small Flat 50mm Diameter Light. 

Extension Cables.

If you need a longer cable length between the light or power supply and the control box, simply select one of the extension cables from the accessory tab.  These use the same connector as used on the power supply and light units, and are available in 5, 10 or 20 metre lengths.

Installation Advice.

It is difficult to judge the suitability of a product from an internet site, so please give us a call if you want to get more information of the lights we provide and the way they should be installed.  If your particular requirement is not fully catered for by the solutions on this page, then we can look at providing a tailored system to suit your needs.  Above all, we are happy to help and give you some pointers based on our experience, so please call 01495 360022.

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