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Simple Manually Operated Traffic Lights

Simple Social Distancing Traffic Lights for Shops, Hairdressers, Small Businesses
Traffic Lights for Small Premises
Simple non-contact sensor controlled traffic light solution with walking/standing figure LED light.
Wireless/remote controlled traffic light solution with walking/standing figure LED light.
Simple manually controlled traffic light solution with walking/standing figure LED light.
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For businesses who need to control customer or colleague access into a shop or confined area, we have simple all-in-one traffic light solutions.  We offer a range of traffic light styles to help you select a product that is more appropriate to your business needs.  The traffic lights are operated either by remote control, a non-contact sensor or a manually controlled switch that will allow you to signal to your customers when they can enter your shop or business.


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Our solution comprises of a control box that remotely operates the traffic lights with either a small wireless transmitter, a contact free switch or a manually operated switch.  This is supplied with your choice of traffic light with a mains plug top adaptor.  To get your system up and running our plug-and-play design will have everything connected in just a few short moments.  All you need to do, is choose the location for the light and route the cable back to the control box.  They can be installed permanently or used as a portable solution. All the traffic lights and connectors supplied are waterproof to IP65 or above, so are ideal for mounting in a shop doorway or window.

Control Options.

  • Wireless remote control: We have a wirelessly controlled solution that with a simple click of a battery free transmitter will cycle the lights between red and green, the control unit for this version has red and green indicator lights so you can see the status from inside your premises.
  • Contact free switch: Our contact free switch is designed to operate without any physical contact between the operator and the switch.  Around the contact free button there is a red or green light that shows the status of the connected traffic signal light.  The sensitivity of the contact free switch is adjustable, and the switch can also be used as a timer allowing for the green light to be operated for a period between 2 and 25 seconds.  Handy if you just want to let one person in at a time.
  • Manual rotary switch: Our most simple solution is a conventional manually operated rotary switch.  This will give you a visual indication of the light colour selected and has the advantage of being a more cost-effective solution.

LED Signal Lights.

We have several traffic light solutions that can be selected for your application.  They all feature a red/green stop/go light combination and are supplied with M12 connectors to enable you to connect them directly to the control box.

  • Small Flat 50mm Diameter Lights: A flat wall mount light with two 50 mm LED arrays, ideal for smaller premises where the light is positioned closer to the pedestrian.
  • Small Flat Walking/Stopped Figure Lights: A flat wall mount light with red standing and green walking stick figures, a brighter light to the 50 mm unit, with a clear signal that the system is for pedestrians.
  • Large Flat 100mm Diameter Lights: A bright red/green combination, that should be located to avoid direct glare to the observer such as above head height.  This is a flat pack wall mount design.
  • Circular 100mm Diameter Lights: A more traditional style of traffic light unit which features a rotatable wall mount light.  This is a bright and clear light that has a lens cover that provides a more defused light pattern.

IMPORTANT: All of our traffic lights are very bright to enable them to be seen in direct sunlight.  It is important that they are not fitted in direct line of sight to avoid any discomfort when viewing them.  For applications where this is not possible, please select the Small Flat 50mm Diameter Light. 

Extension Cables.

If you need a longer cable length between the light or power supply and the control box, simply select one of the extension cables from the accessory tab.  These use the same connector as used on the power supply and light units, and are available in 5, 10 or 20 metre lengths.

Installation Advice.

It is difficult to judge the suitability of a product from an internet site, so please give us a call if you want to get more information of the lights we provide and the way they should be installed.  If your particular requirement is not fully catered for by the solutions on this page, then we can look at providing a tailored system to suit your needs.  Above all, we are happy to help and give you some pointers based on our experience, so please call 01495 360022.


The system is supplied with all the items required to use the light, each kit comprises:

  • Traffic light unit of your choice with 4 or 5 metre cable according to style.
  • Control box to switch the light between red & green.
  • Plug-Top adaptor to convert mains supply to 24Vdc for the system.

Please note fixing screws are not provided.

The only extras you may need is an extension lead to extend the wire from the traffic light back to the control box.

All of the traffic light units are designed for wall mounting and are sealed waterproof to IP65 suitable for external use.  The switch control boxes are also splash proof and can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

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