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Simple Manually Operated Traffic Lights

Simple Social Distancing Traffic Lights for Shops, Hairdressers, Small Businesses
Traffic Lights for Small Premises
Wireless/remote controlled traffic light solution with walking/standing figure LED light.
Our range of traffic lights for social distancing applications.

For businesses who need to control customer or colleague access into a shop or confined area, we have simple all-in-one traffic light solutions.  We offer a range of traffic light styles to help you select a product that is more appropriate to your business needs.  The traffic lights are operated either by remote control, a non-contact sensor or a manually controlled switch that will allow you to signal to your customers when they can enter your shop or business.



Contact Free Sensor Controlled Traffic Lights

Our contact free or no-touch controlled traffic lights use an infra-red sensor to detect when the traffic light colour is to be changed from the defaul red to green.  Around the centre of the sensor there is a red/green indicator to show the currently selected traffic light colour, so even if the traffic light unit is out of sight you

Contact Free Traffic Lights
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Radio Remote Controlled Traffic Lights

Our wireless remote controlled traffic light is available with four different styles of traffic lights.  The traffic lights are powered by a plug top power supply connected via the radio receiver.  Switching the traffic lights from red to green, is achieved by pressing

Remote Switch Pedestrial Lights
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Manually Operated Traffic Light

Our most economic traffic light for social distancing used a simple rotary switch to control the colour of the traffic light.  The switch unit has connectors for the traffic light and plug top power supply.

Rotary Switched Traffic Lights
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