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Product Tips
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Product Tips

Selecting a Safety Edge

Selection of safety edges

When selecting a safety edge it is essentail to check that it has enough overtravel for your application.  Customer's often assume any safety edge is better than none, but this is not true.  If the machine or gate's overtravel distance is greater than the safety edge profile then it will offer little or more likely no protection.

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Loop Detector Applications

Loop detectors are of course ideal for triggering car park gates, barriers and industrial doors. But they can also be used for other applications.

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PVC Compared to PUR

OK, so why do we offer the choice of PVC and PUR cables on our range of M8 and M12 connectors?

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M12 A-Code Connectors

Face View Male M12 A-Code

First of all let’s clarify one important point the 3, 4 and 5 pole connectors are all interchangeable, the 8 and the newer 12 pole are not!

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Cross Reference for Bircher LD Loop Detectors

Bircher LD Loop Detectors

Some years ago Bircher discontinued the LD series (formerly SD series) of loop detectors and while the demand for replacement units is not as great, we are committed to supporting these products through the ProLoop range of loop detectors.

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Discontinued PATLITE ranges

As some people will be aware, PATLITE have discontinued many of their older ranges and have incorporated many of the features of these older models into their new modular range, the LR series. The LR series features not only some fantastic improvements in both visibility of the LED modules and audibility of the sounders, but also improves the resilience of the stack lights by using tougher materials, and a fantastic closed-sounder system that increases the IP rating of the buzzer modules.

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