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Discontinued PATLITE
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Discontinued PATLITE ranges

Older PATLITE models have been replaced by the new LR series

As some people will be aware, PATLITE have discontinued many of their older ranges and have incorporated many of the features of these older models into their new modular range, the LR series. The LR series features not only some fantastic improvements in both visibility of the LED modules and audibility of the sounders, but also improves the resilience of the stack lights by using tougher materials, and a fantastic closed-sounder system that increases the IP rating of the buzzer modules.

The discontinued ranges replaced by the LR series are:

LCE and LCS 40mm LED stack lights – Replaced by the LR4 series

LE, LES and LU5 50mm LED stack lights – Replaced by the LR5 series

LME and LMS 60mm LED stack lights – Replaced by the LR6 series

LHE-A and LU7 70mm stack lights – Replaced by the LR7 series

Along with the lights, PATLITE have also discontinued the accessories such as the bracket and poles to mount the stack lights on. These have been updated to work with the LR series allowing for a range of installation options for the new range of LED stack lights.

To assist with converting your older units into the newer ranges, PATLITE have created a conversion tool available here which allows you to put in the exact specifications of your older model and convert it into an LR series part number.

If you require any assistance in converting your old part number to the new series, call our sales team on 01495 360022 or message us via the webchat. We will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry and can provide a quote for the new series that would best replace your current installation.

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