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Loop Detector Applications

Not just for operating car park barriers!

Loop detectors are of course ideal for triggering car park gates, barriers and industrial doors. But they can also be used for other applications.

Need to mute a light curtain for a fork lift to load or unload an automatic system, then two loop detectors working in series with each other will give you a method of detecting the fork lift while it is working in the area.

Link a loop detector to an LED traffic light coProLoop for Car Park Access Controlntroller, this will then give you the start of your own traffic control system for a factory car park.

Have fork lift trucks operating in an area where operators are also present? Then linking an inductive loop system with a LKEH signal light tower you can have a visual and audible warning system.

Turn the lights on as a vehicle enters an area use a loop detector to detect the vehicle and operate the lights.

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