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PVC v PUR Cable | PVC Better Than PUR?
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What is the difference between PVC and PUR cable?

Simply put, why pay more for PUR!

OK, so why do we offer the choice of PVC and PUR cables on our range of M8 and M12 connectors?

PVC Cable Compared with PUR

Well there are two valid replies to this question. The first is cost. PVC cable is a lower cost compared to PUR cable, as a rule of thumb PUR cable is around 10% to 20% more for a similar specification of cable, so if you don’t need to use PUR then there is no benefit!

From a technical point of view however, it depends on the application. If you have a wet environment then PVC tends to be the most suitable cable as it has good resistance to water and is therefore the preferred cable for food-processing applications. In machining applications PUR becomes the cable to use owing to its better resistance to cutting and hydraulic oils. There is another downside to PUR with regards to installation – it is harder to strip – so if you don't need to use it, PVC is always the better choice.

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