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Bircher ExpertLine Safety Edges in Kit Form

Kits Contains All Components to Build Safety Edges On Site
Motion29 Provide ExpertLine Safety Edge Kits
Product Info

The new Bircher ExpertLine range of safety edges have been designed for easy assembly on-site.  Our safety edge kits contain all the components required to manufacture one safety edges with either an 8k2 resistor (end-of-line format) and 5 meter cable or a pass through safety edge by cutting the 5 metre link cable in half.  The aluminium mounting rail and rubber profile has been pre-cut to the correct size for a 2.0 or 2.5 metre safety edge depending on the kit chosen.

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Shorter sizes of safety edges can be built on-site by cutting the aluminium and rubber profile to size.  To do this you will only need our rubber profile shears and a standard metal saw.

Each kit contains the following items:

  • Rubber profile and end caps for the size of edge chosen.
  • Aluminium mounting rail.
  • A pair of contact end pieces to create the seal and electrical connector with the profile.
  • The 8k2 resistor for an end-of-line safety edge.
  • 5 metre LINK cable with connectors at both ends.
  • Instruction sheet.

The kits are cut to the correct size to produce either a 2.0 or 2.5 metre safety edge.  If you require a shorter safety edge, you will need to cut the aluminium and rubber profile to the required length minus 24 mm.  Once this is done, you simply insert the contact end pieces to the profile - one at each end.  The next step is to add the terminations required for the edge you need to build.  In the Motion29 kit we supply a 5 metre link cable and 8k2 resistor, this allows you to build a safety edge with terminating resistor and a single cable or by cutting the link cable in two the same kit can be used to create a pass-through safety edge.

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