Pressure Sensing Safety Mats

Our BBC Bircher Smart Access pressure sensitive safety mats are designed to detect pressure changes caused by a person or object standing, stepping or walking on them. They are commonly used as a safety device to protect individuals from hazardous machinery or equipment.

The mats are manufactured with flexible and durable PUR with multiple sensing points that can detect the presence of a person or object. When pressure is applied to the mat, it sends a signal to a switching unit, which in turn triggers an alarm or stops the machinery.

Our pressure sensitive safety mats are often used in manufacturing and industrial settings, especially where heavy or automatic machinery is in use. They can also be used in other environments such as hospitals, airports, and public buildings, for detecting the presence of a person. They are a CAT 3 / PLe safety device providing real-time fail safe detection that, combined with the EsMatix 3’s response time of <5 ms, can quickly shut down machinery or equipment to prevent accidents or injuries.

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