RadioSafe - Radio Remote Control Series

RadioSafe Series

The RadioSafe Series utilizes a SIL 3 – PLe wireless emergency stop to tackle critical dangers typically met in highly automatized factories / warehouses, robotized production cells and continuous process lines.

Maintenance interventions under live conditions in normally blocked-access areas is a major challenge, particularly if a risk of electric shock exists.

The equipment to transport people requires the same level of safety: ski ropeways, amusement rides, lifting platforms.

Operator portable emergency stop

Access of technicians to the core of industrial machineries might be required:

  • For maintenance or repair operations
  • To setup and adjust a process with best efficiency

RadioSafe portable emergency stops steps up to the challenge of protecting them.

Validation handle

A 3-step trigger allows normal operation while half pressed. When released (fall, fear) or fully pressed (electric shock) all processes stop immediately. In addition, 4 function buttons allow commands to be sent to the machines.

Chest worn remote control

The emergency stop of a compact remote control is always within reach. Both hands remain free to work. In addition, 4 function buttons allow controlling equipment or process lines.

Safe Stopping + Restarting of unlimited numbers of AGVs at once.

Global safety

  • Much higher than individual machines safety
  • SIL 3-PLe TÜV Süd certified solution
  • Independent from any navigation solution
  • Operators absolute safety within fleets of AGVs

Controlled halt

  • Draw a « stop pattern » within a whole fleet of AGVs to create access evacuation routes
  • Keep track of AGVs exact locations even during the most critical circumstances

Global wireless productivity

  • Instantly restart an entire fleet of AGVs
  • Send dedicated commands to each machine
  • Remotely change parameters of all receivers
  • Upgrade installation throughout its lifecycle

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