ORION Industrial Radio Remote Controls

The Orion Series of industrial radio remote controls are ideal for simple industrial systems. Typically, this includes the operation of sectional building doors, simple winches and hoists, operation of building and traffic lights and other applications requiring a simple point & click solution.

The range has two styles of transmitters – industrial and multifunction, that communicate with one of three receivers – DIN Rail, Industrial Small and Industrial Large. Between the range of industrial & multifunction transmitters there is a choice of 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16 buttons, with optional on/off functionality.

The series can be configured for a single or multiple number of transmitters to operate a single or multiple number of receivers. The typical operating range is 150 m in unobstructed areas or around 50 m in internal industrial areas. The series is sealed to IP65 and is suitable for outdoor use.

In addition to a reliable omnidirectional radio link between individually coded transmitter and receiver sets, Orion offers differentiating features such as:

  • ON / OFF button on transmitters to avoid any unintentional action.

  • Individual setting of bistable, normally open and normally closed for each relay.

  • Programmable standby time delay to preserve battery power.

  • Modification of the radio working frequency if already used on site.

  • Radio power adjustment to set the radio range.

  • Receivers suitable for wall or DIN rail mounting.

Orion Series Transmitters are available in 2 designs

  • Industrial transmitter with 2 or 4 buttons – OREV

  • Multifunction transmitter for up to 16 buttons – OREL

Both designs can be equipped with an ON/OFF button to switch on and off the transmitter, thus avoiding any unintentional action and they are IP65 for outdoor use. The multifunction OREL series also has an optional of rechargeable batteries and mains or vehicle charger.

Radio transmission:

  • 18 frequencies available in the 433 MHz band

  • Typical range:

  • 150 m in unobstructed area.

  • 50 m in industrial indoor environment.

NOTE: Metallic structures and other radio-transmitters on the same 433 MHz band might affect radio-transmission, hence option for reducing the range.

Orion Series Receivers

Receivers are available in 3 models with 2 to 9 function relays and operating voltages of 12 & 24 Vdc, 48, 115 and 230 Vac.

Relay operation is user-set with the following options:

  • «Continuous make contact» : relay closed as long as transmitter button pressed

  • «Continuous break contact» mode: The receiver relay remains open as long as the corresponding control button on the transmitter remains pressed.

  • «Bistable» mode: The receiver relay is closed the first time the corresponding control button on the transmitter is pressed and opens on the second time the control button is pressed.

A complete range of antennas to optimize reception in all situations:

  • ½ wave for extended range.

  • Magnetic base for fixing on steel surfaces.

  • Feedthrough for vehicles.

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