Made to Measure ClickLine Safety Edges


Using our made to measure tool, please select the Bircher CoverLine profile required (noting overtravel figure shown below), then the termination type, cable length, mounting profile and the length of the safety edge. Finally, enter the required length in mm, click calculate and then add to your basket.

Important: Please ensure that the safety edge is suitable for your application and the overtravel figure meet the demands of your application..

Our Bircher ClickLine Safety Edges are available in a number of different sizes from 25 mm to 65 mm high from the C-Channel. The “Click” foot of the safety edge makes installation of the profiles a simple task of clipping them in from the side of the profile.

Safety edges are manufactured in two formats a “pass through” or “link” version with two cables and the “end-of-line” version with 8k2 terminating resistors. Up to four edges (as recommended by Bircher) can be are wired together in series with each other with the 8k2 version being the last link in the chain. The switching unit monitors the resistance of the series of safety edges, if any of the edges in the chain are compressed this will cause the safety relays on the switching unit to open, also if any of the cables in the circuit are damaged the unit will show this as a fault and the safety relays will be opened.

Safety edges, safety ribs, bump strips are just a few of the names used to describe these safety products. No matter what you call them, they all do the same job of protecting dangerous crush and shear points on platforms, tables, gates and doors.

Please note that the safety edges are all made to order and may require up to a week to manufacture although lead time is usually a few days.




ClickLine Safety Edge 25 x 29
ClickLine Safety Edge 30 x 42
ClickLine Safety Edge 36 x 45
ClickLine Safety Edge 36 x 65
ClickLine Safety Edge, 30 x 42 Twin Lip
ClickLine Safety Edge, 36 x 45 Twin Lip
8k2 Resistor
2 x Cable
2 x Cables
2M Cable
2 m Cable
4M Cable
4 m Cable
7M Cable
7 m Cable
10M Cable
10 m Cable
Standard AP-5 Aluminium Channel
Black AP-5 Aluminium Channel
No Image
Standard AP-8 Aluminium Channel
ClickLine Safety Edge 25 x 29 x mm, 8k2 Resistor & 2 metre Cable, Standard Mounting
Will be dispatched complete, ready for installation.

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