Static, Rotating & Flashing Beacons

Our Patlite range of flashing, rotating, and static LED beacon lights are designed for industrial signalling applications. They are used to provide alerts, warnings, and status indications in industrial or commercial environments where high visibility is crucial. Patlite's LED beacons offer the following options:

  • Flashing Beacons: These LED beacon lights emit flashes of light, in a single colour such as red, amber, green or blue. They are used to draw attention to hazards, indicate equipment malfunctions, or signal warnings in noisy environments.

  • Rotating Beacons: Rotating beacon lights use a complex reflector and lens arrangement to emit a rotating beam of light. They are frequently used to indicate the location of emergency exits, mark the presence of vehicles or machinery in motion, or provide general warning signals in industrial settings.

  • Multi-Function Beacons: These signal beacons are able to emit various formats of light such as flashing and rotating signals from a single unit. This provides a range of indication options from one single coloured light.

  • Static Beacons: Emitting a steady beam of light without flashing or rotating. They are often used for continuous status indication, such as signalling the operational status of equipment or processes on production lines.

  • LED Technology: Patlite's beacon lights utilize LED technology for their light sources, offering advantages such as energy efficiency, long lifespan, and high visibility. The Patlite LED beacons provide bright, uniform illumination while consuming less power than traditional incandescent or halogen lights.

  • Alarm Sounders: Depending on the model, many of the Patlite beacons are available with an alarm signal to further enhance the effectiveness of the visual signal. The alarm sound pressure is up to 88 dB from the signal beacons.

Overall, Patlite's flashing, rotating, and static LED beacon lights are reliable, high-performance devices used for visual signalling in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, helping to enhance safety, efficiency, and communication in diverse environments.

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