ExpertLine Safety Edge Kits

The ExpertLine is a modular leading safety edge solution from Bircher, that is suitable for many applications such as door and gate applications, including folding gates, bi-folding gates, swing gates, and sliding gates. Motion29 can provide the ExpertLine as a pre-assembled safety edge – check the Made to Measure Bircher ExpertLine Safety Edges, or as a kit for self-assembly on site.

This series of safety edges are highly sensitive and responsive and are well suited for industrial applications including lift tables, AGVs and other applications. ExpertLine safety edges are a simple to build and install safety edge solution. It’s connectivity for the termination resistor, single and double ended cables, mean there is no need for time consuming junction boxes to link the bump strips together or to their control system.

The ExpertLine safety edge kit from Motion29 contains:

  • EPDM safety edge profile cut to length for the chosen size.
  • Matching aluminium mounting rail.
  • A pair of connector end pieces.
  • Matching set of profile end caps.
  • Moulded connector with built in 8k2 resistor.
  • Double ended connector with 5 meter cable.

This is supplied complete with easy to follow assembly instructions and can be complemented by profile cutting shears, which makes resizing the rubber profile a simple task.

Flexibility with your safety edge kit

By supplying a 8k2 resistor and a double ended connector, the Motion29 safety edge kit can be used in the following combinations. An end of line safety edge with the 8k2 resistor and a connecting cable of up to 5 metres, or as a pass-through or link safety edges where the double ended cable can be cut to suit.

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