M12 A-Code Connectors

M12 connectors have been design specifically with flexibility in mind for the sensing industry. These sensor cables and connectors are designed for use with all brands of proximity switches, light curtains and pressure sensors to name just a few devices.

They are also a very good connection solution for a wider range of applications, thanks to their robust design, high IP rating and value for money.

You will note the 3, 4 and 5 pole versions of the connector are completely interchangeable with each other. This allows you to use a 3 pole connector when you don’t need all of the outputs present on a sensor equipped with a 5 pole version. In the range, you will find field attachable and moulded connectors, panel and front mount receptacles as well as jumper cables both M8 to M12 and all M12. The range also have moulded connectors with LED indication of power and signal for proximity switches.

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