UD Radio Remote Control Series

UD Series

The UD Series provides safe and ergonomic distant control for cranes, machines or vehicles. A SIL 2 - PLd certified emergency stop makes it particularly suitable for material handling.

The range consists of

  • 4 sizes of pushbutton transmitters
  • 3 sizes of receivers
  • An extensive choice of antennas
  • Numerous accessories: batteries, chargers, carrying accessories.

The modular design allows personalization by choosing the type of pushbutton / switch and label for each location, the number of relay outputs, the programming of relay / buttons assignments, interlocking between buttons, secure start-up options.

UD remote controls makes operations safe, simple and reliable.


  • Start-up validation by infrared pointing the transmitter towards the equipment to control for 100% error-free match-up
  • Removable electronic key containing the receiver ID code to entrust authorized operators only
  • Memorization of the number and duration of all operations


  • Lightweight compact design to work without arm fatigue
  • Ergonomic layout of pushbuttons enabling one-hand control - Easy multi-user operation thanks to an instant infrared transmitter-receiver association at start-up


  • 12 hour battery life to cover one working shift
  • Pushbutton/switch spares for easy individual replacement of worn buttons and further lifetime extension
  • Dialog UD software for easy commissioning and maintenance: radio frequency programming, preventive maintenance alerts, diagnosis assistance and quality monitoring of radio reception

UD Series Transmitters comes in 4 models with 2 to 10 function buttons and each model also contains:

  • Emergency stop palm-switch
  • «On/Horn» button

Function button options

  • One-step pushbutton (single speed)
  • Two-step pushbutton (double speed)
  • Rotary switch with 2 fixed positions
  • Rotary switch with 3 fixed positions
  • Rotary switch with 3 positions with automatic return
  • Electronic switch with 3 fixed positions

Fast charging battery to recover 1 hour of life after just 10 minutes charging time

UD Series Receivers

The receivers come in 3 models, URR, UCR and UDR with 6 to 18 function relays.

Each model contains:

  • A RS232 serial link for diagnosis and programming
  • 1 «Horn» relay to trigger a warning tone
  • 2 safety relays dedicated to the emergency stop

In addition, URR and UDR can connect and manage from 1 to 3 sets of infrared photocells for start-up validation or transmitter-receiver association.

IP65 protection index makes UD receivers suitable for outdoor use.

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