Beta Series - Safety Radio Remote Control

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Beta Series

Do you need a high level of safety to protect people?

Is your application very specific?

Is your process complex?

Do you want to move freely?

Do you prefer pushbutton operation?

Do you face explosion risks?

The Beta Series offers safe and agile pushbutton solutions to fulfil these requirements!

ATEX versions with a grey casing will even operate safely under permanent risk of explosion (gas: zone 0, dust: zone 20).

Multimode Management

Multiple screen pages where each function button is allocated to a specific command, with either 2 or 6 buttons, you will have enough!


  • Compact casing for easy one-hand use
  • Buttons laid out to prevent undesired commands

Easy to set-up, easy to maintain through iDialog

  • Click & set programming for straight 1 button = 1 function
  • Store your configuration file and keep it confidential if needed
  • Instant start of a new device: just upload the configuration file!
  • Broad offering of spare parts allowing for extended lifetime

Accessible sophistication through iDialog

  • Multimode management for screen display to fit on-going processing step
  • Multiple conditions programming and value scaling
  • Allow an external automation system control radio system behaviour according to process values and external sensor data

Receivers for Beta Series

4 receivers and their many options adapt to a broad range of equipment:

  • Power wire or industrial bus interfacing
  • Fixed infrastructure, road-mobile, rail-mobile, rough terrain
  • Explosive atmosphere in dedicated cabinets with additional protection

Elio - Overhead crane specialist

  • 12 relays
  • 3 inputs (2 logic | 1 analogue)
  • Protocols: Modbus

Alto - Multifunction specialist

  • 38 relays
  • 42 inputs (36 logic | 6 analogue)
  • Protocols: Modbus

Timo - Vehicle specialist

  • 6 logic or PWM outputs
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • 3 inputs (2 logic | 1 analogue)
  • Protocols: Modbus | CANopen

Nemo - Industrial automation specialist

  • Protocols: Modbus | CANopen | DeviceNET | EtherNet/IP | PROFIBUS | PROFINET | Ethernet Powerlink | EtherCAT

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