XRF Wireless Switching Solutions

Wireless signal transmission system for pressure sensitive electrical safety edge applications with high performance and design requirements. The system is available as a dual channel or single channel solution.

  • Fast setup, simple press the pressure sensitive safety edge twice.
  • High interference immunity and long battery life of up to 7 years.
  • Hybrid safety performance PL c, Cat 2 or PL c, Cat 3 available.
  • Operating range 100 m under optimal conditions.

To achieve the highest possible level of safety automatically and at all times, BBC Bircher Smart Access combines safety category 2 (with test signal from controller) and safety category 3 (no test signal) in one device.

If your controller features integrated testing, the test signal is applied by ExpertSystem and the system is monitored in accordance with safety category 2, PL c. If the controller does not have a test signal or if the test input is not connected, XRF monitors the safety system itself in accordance with safety category 3, PL d, providing the highest possible safety in every situation.

For further convenience, there is a specific transmitters design to fit between the ExpertSystem XL safety edge contact profile and mounting rail. This conceals the transmitter and speeds installation due to the plug and play nature of the system.

For sliding gate applications, there is a specific DIN rail mounted receiver that has both wireless and direct wired capability for monitoring both mobile and fixed safety edges.

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