Photo-Electric Sensors

The RP 25 reflective photo-electric switch has been specially developed for door and gate installations and offers the optimum solution for this application.

  • Reflective photo-electric switch with polarisation filter
  • Range 0.5...15m, depending on the type of reflector
  • Immune to external light sources
  • High degree of protection
  • Terminal compartment
  • Polarisation filter optical system
  • Test input
  • Operating voltage 10...40VDC or 24VAC ±25%
  • Relay output
  • Easy adjustment of the optical sensor

RP25 Set: Polarlized Reflective Photoelectric Transmitter/Receiver and R82 Reflector with HW-LS20 and HW-RD82 Mounting Brackets, 10-40VDC or 24VAC +/- 25%, Light or Dark on.

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