Safety Mats

Pressure sensitive safety mats are a common safety solution used in industrial and commercial settings to protect workers from dangerous machinery and equipment. The mats work by detecting pressure or weight and triggering a safety mechanism to shut down the machine or equipment when a worker steps on the mat.

When planning your requirement, you should determine the appropriate size and location for the pressure sensing safety mat. For example, an operator should not be able to step over the mat and the machine must stop completely before they can get too close, so size and positioning should be the first consideration.

Consider the surface, ensure the area where the mat will be installed is clean, dry, and level to ensure proper mat function and worker safety.

An EsMatix 3 safety switching unit is used to monitor the 8k2 resistor that forms the safety mat circuit. The switching unit’s electronic safety relays are linked to the machine’s e-stop circuit so that the machine stops immediately when the mat is stepped on.

The BBC Bircher Smart Access safety mats are available in a range of standard sizes with an active grip structure. We can also supply custom safety mats of different shapes or sizes.

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