Gama Series - Safety Radio Remote Control

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Gama Series

Do you need a high level of safety to protect people?

Is your application very specific?

Is your process complex?

Do you operate in a harsh environment?

Do you prefer pushbutton operation?

Do you face explosion risks?

The Gama Series offer safe and robust pushbutton solutions to fulfil heavy-duty work requirements.

ATEX versions with a grey casing will even operate safely under permanent risk of explosion (gas: zone 0, dust: zone 20).

Multimode Management

Multiple screen pages where each function button is allocated to a specific command, with either 2 or 6 buttons, you will have enough!


  • Strong pushbutton tactile feedback even when wearing thick gloves
  • Buttons laid out to prevent undesired commands

Easy to set-up, easy to maintain through iDialog

  • Click & set programming for straight 1 button = 1 function
  • Store your configuration file and keep it confidential if needed
  • Instant start of a new device: just upload the configuration file in it!
  • Broad offering of spare parts allowing for extended lifetime

Accessible sophistication through iDialog

  • Multimode management for screen display to fit on-going processing step
  • Multiple conditions programming and value scaling
  • Allow an external automation system control radio system behaviour according to process values and external sensor data

Receivers for Gama Series

4 receivers and their many options adapt to a broad range of equipment:

  • Power wire or industrial bus interfacing
  • Fixed infrastructure, road-mobile, rail-mobile, rough terrain
  • Explosive atmosphere in dedicated cabinets with additional protection

Elio - Overhead crane specialist

  • 12 relays
  • 3 inputs (2 logic | 1 analogue)
  • Protocols: Modbus

Alto - Multifunction specialist

  • 38 relays
  • 42 inputs (36 logic | 6 analogue)
  • Protocols: Modbus

Timo - Vehicle specialist

  • 6 logic or PWM outputs
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • 3 inputs (2 logic | 1 analogue)
  • Protocols: Modbus | CANopen

Nemo - Industrial automation specialist

  • Protocols: Modbus | CANopen | DeviceNET | EtherNet/IP | PROFIBUS | PROFINET | Ethernet Powerlink | EtherCAT

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