LED Signal Tower Lights

Motion29 have represented Patlite since we started in 2006. They specialise in indicating the status of a process or system through their range of signal lights and audible alarms, including signal light towers. These signal light towers are often used in industrial settings to provide visual indication of various statuses such as machine operation, equipment malfunction, or production line status. Patlite signal light towers typically consist of multiple stacked lights of different colours (such as red, yellow, green, blue and white) that can be configured to convey different messages based on the combination of colours and flashing patterns.

They are of a modular design, allowing for flexibility in configuration and customization to meet specific application requirements. For example, ANDON lights play a crucial role in promoting transparency, collaboration, and problem-solving in manufacturing environments, helping to ensure smooth and efficient production

Patlite signal light towers use LED technology for long-lasting and energy-efficient operation in a variety of colours and configurations, such as steady or flashing lights of different colours.

Signal light towers are designed for high visibility in various lighting conditions, making them especially suitable for use in industrial environments. They are typically designed to withstand harsh conditions, with features such as rugged enclosures and sealed electronics.

Many of the signal light have optional audible alarms to enhance the visual signalling capability of the stack lights.

Overall, Patlite stack lights are designed to improve safety, efficiency, and communication in industrial settings by providing clear visual indication of important statuses and events.

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