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Bircher Safety Edges for Protection of Shear & Crush Areas

Safety Edges Manufactured to your Requirement in UK
Bircher Reglomat Safety Edges from Motion29.

Bircher's Safety edges are designed to protect shear or crush points that are found on many automatic systems such as sliding & swing gates, roller shutter doors, lifting platforms & tables and machine doors. They are manufactured to order at Motion29 so you have the correct size for your installation.

A number of names are used to describe safety edges, these include safety ribs, safety bumpers, bump strips but they are all the same thing!  Inside the Bircher product there is a contact strip, that is monitored by a switching unit.  If the edge is compressed this is recognised by the switching unit and the safety contacts open to stop the machine, gate, door, etc. from moving.

For some of the more common applications please visit "Typical Applications" where we have grouped together a selection of safety edges in the relevant applications, however it is important to note that this is not a recommendation and that you must check that the safety edge is suitable for your application. To select a suitable profile you must establish the correct stopping and overtravel distances in order to guarantee the greatest possible safety. Once you have the minimum overtravel distance you can select a suitable safety edge profile that matches or exceeds this figure.

If you require assistance with your selection please call us on 01495 360022 and we'll be happy to help.

Choose by Profile

Bircher Reglomat Safety Edges from Motion29.

We offer a wide choice of safety edges from Bircher manufactured at our factory in south Wales.  The safety strips are suitable for a range of applications in industrial automation, access control and security, lifting and transport systems.

UK Manufactured Safety Edges
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Typical Applications

Typical applications for safety edges

Our range of Bircher safety edges can be used in a wide range of applications. In this section we give you some examples of applications and safety ribs that may be suitable for the application.

Platforms, Machine Doors, Gates
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Switching Units

Safety Edge Switching Units

Switching units are used to monitor the status and health of safety edges, they monitor the integrated 8k2 resistors and all cables in the circuit.  If the resistor is shorted out or becomes open circuit, the safety relays will open and stop the machine or gate.

Monitoring for Safety Edges
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