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Bircher Safety Edges by Profile Options

Motion29 Safety Edges Made to Size In Blackwood, UK
Bircher Reglomat Safety Edges from Motion29.

We offer a wide choice of safety edges from Bircher manufactured at our factory in south Wales.  The safety strips are suitable for a range of applications in industrial automation, access control and security, lifting and transport systems.

The safety edges are manufactured using profiles, contact strips, cables and terminating resistors from Bircher’s ClickLine, CoverLine, StandardLine and S-Line range of products.  All edges are made to order and therefore to the size required for your installation.

The safety edges are commonly used on hydraulic and pneumatic lifting platforms to protect against crush injuries, automatic sliding doors on CNC machines, loading platforms for vehicles, automatic sliding gates, swing gates and all forms of industrial doors.  The larger profiles with bigger over travel figures have also been used for automatic trollies and vehicles in factory automation projects.

The safety edges are complemented by Bircher’s switching units that monitor the 8k2 resistor that is built into the final edge of a system and provide the safety control output for emergency stop systems.  Our main range of safety edges are made from EPDM rubber. This is a material has excellent resistant to various materials and substances such as waste water, acetone, manganese sulphate, methyl alcohol, methyl phthalate as well as adequate resistance to acetaldehyde, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl chloride, cold lactic acid and other substances.  We also have a special range of NBR (nitrile) safety edges which are resistant to cutting oils found in machining applications such as CNC lathes, milling and grinding machines.

As we manufacture our edges to order, if you cannot find the size you need call us on 01495 360022 to discuss your requirement.  We also manufacture special safety edges including curved and mitred versions, special terminations such as M8 or M12 connectors.  If you can provide us with a sketch of what you need we will let you know what we can do to help.

ClickLine Safety Edges

ClickLine Safety Edges are suitable for automatic

Our Bircher ClickLine Safety Edges are available in a number of different sizes from 25 mm to 65 mm high from the C-Channel.  The “Click” foot of the safety edge makes installation of the profiles a simple task of clipping them in from the side of the profile.

Please note that the safety edges are all made to order and may require up to a week to manufacture although lead time is usually two to three days.

Lift Table & Swing Gate Safety Edges
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CoverLine Safety Edges

ColverLine Safety Edges are idea for sliding gate

Bircher CoverLine safety edges have been developed especially for sliding gate applications, however they are an excellent choice for use on lifting platforms such as stages or on automatic trollies.  There are four sizes within the range from 45 to 105 mm tall, which are clipped into the size of the special flat aluminium mounting rail.

Platform & Sliding Gate Safety Edges
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StandardLine Safety Edges

StandardLine Safety Edges are suitable for automat

The StandardLine safety edges from Bircher are offered in a limited number of sizes as they have been updated by the ClickLine versions.  We offer two sizes 20 mm and 40 mm high from the C-Channel.  They are installed by clipping them in from the side of the profile.

Automatic Door & Gate Safety Edges
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S-Line Switching Edges

S-Line Safety Edges are idea for compact installat

Our Bircher S-Line edges are available are safety edges with a self-adhesive, C-Channel or CoverLine style mounting.  The "Click" foot of the profile makes installation of the edge a simple task of clipping them in from the side of the profile.

Compact Safety Edges
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Bircher NBR Safety Edges

StandardLine Safety Edges are suitable for automat

Bircher NBR safety edges are manufactured from nitrile rubber for improved performance in machining applications.  The NBR material has greater resistance to degradation from cutting oils found on CNC machining centres and is therefore suitable for these automatic door applications.

Safety Edges for CNC Machines
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