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Safety Edge Switching Units | Safety Edge Monitoring Relays
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Safety Edge Switching Units

Safety Edge Monitoring Relays Safety Cat 2 and Cat 3
Safety Edge Switching Units

Switching units are used to monitor the status and health of safety edges, they monitor the integrated 8k2 resistors and all cables in the circuit.  If the resistor is shorted out or becomes open circuit, the safety relays will open and stop the machine or gate.

Multiple safety edges (or mats) are connected in series with an 8k2 Ohm terminating resistor as the final link in the circuit. By monitoring the quiescent current in the circuit the switching unit determines if one or more of the safety edges has been triggered, in this condition the safety relays are opened on the switching unit. Using the same technique, the switching unit also detects cable breaks and will repair a system fault and again open the safety relays.


Wired Switching Units

Switching units for safety edges and safety mats.

The MsMatrix 3, ESGate 2 & 3 or the ESD3 series of switching units are suitable for monitoring directly wired safety mats and safety edges in gate, door and machine applications.  They provide a simple to use solution for monitoring the 8k2 resistor used in safety edges & mats.

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Category 3 Wireless Switching Unit

The world’s first wireless safety edge transmission system with PLd and category 3 compliance. The RFGate 3 is a category 3, dual channel safety edge controller, this means that it doesn't need a test output and therefore can be installed much more quickly and easily than other control units. The RFGate 3 units are ideal for monitoring safety edges across a variety of applications such as roller shutter doors and automatic gates.

PLd, Cat. 3 Switching Unit
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Wireless Switching Units

RFGate Wireless Switching Units for Automatic Gate

Wireless signal transmission system for safety edges on rolling, sectional and folding doors, sliding gates and telescopic gates.

PLc, Cat. 2 Switching Unit
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